Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was introduced to a new web game being developed a few days ago, and am slightly addicted to it now. The game is called Quarantine2019 and it's loosely based on an earlier game called Urban Dead, which I have never tried.

This game is in beta, so it's not yet polished. But that can be kind of fun too, as one is bound to stumble across the occasional bug or exploit. Signing up is free, and you start by creating either a Citizen (human) or a Zombie player. It doesn't really matter because at some point you are going to switch sides.

And that is really the fun. Citizens can be infected and Zombies can be cured. Your ally today could be your nemesis tomorrow. Your character accumulates experience independently as either Zombie or Citizen, so really deadly Zombies might be sorta wimpy people when cured. The game does encourage teamwork though, as your character persists in the game even when you go away from it. So it's usually a good idea to hide in a building that has other players to defend you if need be.

The screenshot is kind of tongue-in-cheek, since it's the screen I see a lot of the time: You are Dead. Lucky for me, death is a figurative term only in this game. If you feel like trying it out, come try to find me. I'll either help you out, or well, feed on your brains, depending on how I'm doing.

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