Friday, December 14, 2007

Breakfast at the Pan Pacific

Free breakfast at one of the fancier hotels in town - that is a phrase that almost always has me interested. It was a charity fundraiser where people had to bring new, unwrapped toys to be donated to needy kids at Christmas and in exchange, you could either eat a free breakfast, or at least get a coffee and donut if you were in a rush.

We opted for the breakfast. We always opt for breakfast.

It was a nice start to the day. From where we were sitting we had a nice view of North Vancouver as the clouds slowly started to lift, in typical West Coast fashion. I even made it to work on time afterwards.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Now we REALLY got the snow :(

Originally uploaded by Stephen Dyrgas all the wrong places - here in the streets. I did not take this picture, it was one I grabbed from flickr by searching tags for 'Vancouver' and 'snow'. It looks like the Kits area and the way the Porsche is sliding reminded me of our street. Slippery.

Oh well, it should warm up soon, right? Right?