Thursday, November 29, 2007

We got the snow

Originally uploaded by iTripped all the right places. That is to say, the mountains are all nicely dusted but the grass is still green down by the water. This time last year we were buried under a foot of snow, at least at the place I was staying in Burnaby.

It's getting colder and definitely feels like winter now, but the longer the snow holds off, the happier I will be. At least for now the day was sunny and not quite warm, but not quite cold either. And the mountains do look cool with that fresh coat of powder. Which is just where it belongs.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Can't blog from blogger but can from Flickr

Originally uploaded by iTripped
... on the iPod touch, of course.

The weird part is that the main text entry field on blogger has some error and does not allow entry from this device. Oh well, it will be fixed soon I am sure.

Today I found myself tackling one of many micro releases at the office. Hopefully it will let up with some of these new features (like data entry screens) - assuming that we test it well enough.

Well I think it is safe to say that this one-finger-virtual-keyboard is better than my palm pilot as I managed this post without hassle. It goes without saying that a physical keyboard would be ideal for this micro computer - especially for IRC or light blogging. Hopefully I don't have to wait too long for a good one.

Final notes: I did not proofread for spelling errors and if this post fails I will likely shoot someone since it is not saved. Here goes nothing!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Fog, glorious fog

I am a Maritimer. I have a strong preference to live in a coastal area. Growing up, I always liked it when the fog would roll in, obscuring just about everything and deadening all sound.

It's one of the things I miss most about living on the East Coast.

This morning, I woke up and began my morning commute (after a fantastic American Thanksgiving dinner last night - but that's another story) and wandered toward the skytrain station. It was a pretty sunny morning and I remember thinking that I really need to remember to pack my sunglasses for the odd day when they are needed in Vancouver. The morning sun shines directly down Robson Street, blinding all of us non-awake commuters.

A few minutes later and I am on the train, heading toward Science World, when I look up and notice that False Creek is enshrouded in a thick bank of fog.

Instantly, my day improved about 100%.

The pictures here are pointed toward the site for Olympic Village as seen from Science World and I will put a few more up on flickr. But really, I'm not sure how interesting they are going to be.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lemme Up-grayd Ya

So yesterday, when I arrived at work there was a tidy little package waiting for me. Macy Gray's face was peeking out at me from under a thank you card and I was smiling back at her, for I could see that I was given a new iPod touch.

Everyone in the company got one and they are engraved with the company logo on the back, which was a very nice touch. Nicer still was that each of the thank you cards were hand written by the CEO and specific to each individual. You don't get that kind of personalized attention at larger companies.

Of course, now this means I really will have to start maintaining my other blog. Up until now, I have not been one to use an MP3 player, but a personalized one that also has wifi, well I have to say I was intrigued. More to follow as I figure this stuff out.

Friday, November 16, 2007

This is Greg's happy face

Okay, so it was release day at work and we went out for lunch. Since it was on the company dime, we decided to be a little adventurous and try a new place. We settled for a little known place called La Fourchette, which as fancy as it sounds, looks kinda dodgy on the outside.

Here, I took a photo of Greg eating his appetiser. The nervous look had NOTHING to do with the food, honest!

Anyway, it was good food, I'd say better than the delivery we had at dinner time, and I will probably be back again sometime in the future.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Not the time to change the clocks

Last weekend we set our clocks back an hour as we kept in time with America. Changing the time now instead of three weeks from now is okay, but at least the old system was close enough to a holiday to help a person remember when to do it.

But enough about me griping - I was very happy to get an extra hour's sleep this weekend, so I really can't complain.

In other autumn news, the leaves are falling, hence the photo of the covered sidewalk. My dog has really been enjoying the leaves (she chases them in the wind and likes to run through piles of them) and I am completely THRILLED to live in a condo, because that means I never have to clean them up. I see those poor schmucks in their million dollar homes breaking their backs raking up leaves into dozens of garbage bags - not my idea of a fun weekend. Especially when the leaves are wet and heavy.