Friday, November 28, 2008

A photo from the best day of my vacation

yarmouth beach
Originally uploaded by iTripped
So I finally got around to putting this photo together. I took a series of pics from this spot to capture the surf coming in and then put them together as an 'animaged gif' sort of like what Greg does.

The primary difference between his gifs and mine is that he takes two photos from slightly different angles to simulate a more 3D viewing experience, whereas I was merely hoping to animate the motion of the waves on the beach. It means less shake in mine.

To see the animation, I suspect you are going to have to click the photo and go to flickr, where you can see it full size.

I say this was the 'best' day of our vacation because it was the one time we got out to do some exploring. My dad took us out to do some beach combing, where we collected up some smooth pebbles and took the photos from my last post too. One last thing: the black specks in the picture are actually some of the flies we encountered on the beach and not birds. I was kneeling, which is why they appear so high in the frame, although I do remember they were a bit of a nuisance even while standing.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My mother has lost her marbles

I did not take nearly enough pictures. It seems I rarely do. But we did have a good visit with family this trip, and did manage to get my parents set up with a new computer, which was one of the goals I had when I left.

I've already seen my mother on facebook, which is a milestone in itself. My father figured out by himself how to watch a TV show on the computer too. They like the show but usually miss it because it is on Sunday nights, when they are out.

The first picture here is of a section of coastline we visited. I wanted to take pictures of this scenery, my father wanted to comb the beach for plastic bottles and my wife wanted to explore and have some fun. Since it was deer hunting season, we all dressed in bright orange sweaters and headed out. Along the way we saw some very typical sights in Nova Scotia, including many of the lobster boats that were getting ready for the start of the season (it starts today, exactly one day after I returned home. sigh)

This was perhaps one of the most enjoyable days we had, in part because the weather, while a bit windy, was very nice. The cows were grazing on a field directly behind the beach and weren't too thrilled to see us. The metal things on the horns are to prevent serious injury in case that particular bovine decided to use them. Since they weren't on all of the animals, I suspect that this one had a tendency to use it's horns once in a while. We gave it a little extra space.

We spent a couple hours on the beach before returning to visit with more family. I'll post more after I have had time to go through the photos I did take.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I got the sickness!

I have been trying to shake this cold all week. I'm not really complaining about it though because as far as colds go, this one is tolerable. But it would be nice to be done with it before returning home, where I am sure there is a whole host of other virii waiting to infect me.

At the very least, maybe I can pass it along to my fellow passengers on the plane. I'm sure they will love me once I start coughing.

One of the purposes of making this trip, aside from seeing family (that's really the primary reason) is to help get my parents set up with a computer that works for them. If all goes well, they might actually be able to read this before I return home to Vancouver. When I left the east coast back in '95 I rather naively assumed I would be able to keep in touch with folks back home with my computer. Turns out, I was about ten years too early by the most optimistic estimates. It will be exciting to get my parents hooked up - they already have internet and a digital camera so really all they need is a stable platform to connect it all together. Well that, and some typing skills, but that's another story. Sorry Mom, but it's true.

Homecoming visit
How much colder is it there?
That is the question.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Time change is always best in Autumn

Here we are on the eve of another election. Not just any election, but the biggest presidential race in the world. Make no mistake America - the rest of the world is going to watch with great concern. After watching the last couple races I am not able to let myself get my hopes up too high. I have a training course tomorrow so by the time I get out of there things should largely be decided. Probably for the best, as I would have been watching the results pretty closely.

My wife was able to vote in this election through absentee ballot. The form arrived in the mail today which was the absolute last day that it could have arrived and still be valid. We mailed that ballot off and then went out for dinner in an impromptu mini-celebration over the fact that we made it. Knowing how the postal service works between countries, we had practically given up hope.

Today's photo was taken from the roof of our office building at sunset. While this photo does not show it, the sky had a vibrant colour that contrasted nicely against the skyline. The other thing I noticed, which you can see in this photo, is that the local mountains have received their first snowfall of the season. These two things (the sunset and snowfall) signify changes - hopefully ones reflected in tomorrow's polls.

Yeah - I bet you were wondering where I was going with that one, didn't you? Okay, time to close this out with a haiku

America votes
With the world as it's witness
Hopefully for change.