Friday, November 28, 2008

A photo from the best day of my vacation

yarmouth beach
Originally uploaded by iTripped
So I finally got around to putting this photo together. I took a series of pics from this spot to capture the surf coming in and then put them together as an 'animaged gif' sort of like what Greg does.

The primary difference between his gifs and mine is that he takes two photos from slightly different angles to simulate a more 3D viewing experience, whereas I was merely hoping to animate the motion of the waves on the beach. It means less shake in mine.

To see the animation, I suspect you are going to have to click the photo and go to flickr, where you can see it full size.

I say this was the 'best' day of our vacation because it was the one time we got out to do some exploring. My dad took us out to do some beach combing, where we collected up some smooth pebbles and took the photos from my last post too. One last thing: the black specks in the picture are actually some of the flies we encountered on the beach and not birds. I was kneeling, which is why they appear so high in the frame, although I do remember they were a bit of a nuisance even while standing.

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