Monday, November 24, 2008

My mother has lost her marbles

I did not take nearly enough pictures. It seems I rarely do. But we did have a good visit with family this trip, and did manage to get my parents set up with a new computer, which was one of the goals I had when I left.

I've already seen my mother on facebook, which is a milestone in itself. My father figured out by himself how to watch a TV show on the computer too. They like the show but usually miss it because it is on Sunday nights, when they are out.

The first picture here is of a section of coastline we visited. I wanted to take pictures of this scenery, my father wanted to comb the beach for plastic bottles and my wife wanted to explore and have some fun. Since it was deer hunting season, we all dressed in bright orange sweaters and headed out. Along the way we saw some very typical sights in Nova Scotia, including many of the lobster boats that were getting ready for the start of the season (it starts today, exactly one day after I returned home. sigh)

This was perhaps one of the most enjoyable days we had, in part because the weather, while a bit windy, was very nice. The cows were grazing on a field directly behind the beach and weren't too thrilled to see us. The metal things on the horns are to prevent serious injury in case that particular bovine decided to use them. Since they weren't on all of the animals, I suspect that this one had a tendency to use it's horns once in a while. We gave it a little extra space.

We spent a couple hours on the beach before returning to visit with more family. I'll post more after I have had time to go through the photos I did take.

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