Saturday, May 03, 2014

How does this work again?

Yes, things have lapsed. It has been well over two full years since I last thought about writing a blog post. In that time a lot has happened, but well, things really haven't changed much either. Still at the same job, still enjoying said job even with the regular ups and downs that comes with it. Work has never really been the focus of my writing here and I think the real reason is because I have other avenues in which I can vent about that already. I blow my steam when I need to and pour up a drink for the days I can't.

No, if I am going to do anything here it will have to be about something that has my passion. Lately, that has been mostly things to do with biking, be it advocating for better infrastructure in the city for bikes, debating wether helmets are worth it or not or just sharing pictures from any little adventures I have on the bike.

While this hardly qualifies as an 'adventure', I took this picture last Saturday while working some overtime at the office. I've always liked it when I'm alone at the office, it is quiet and it tends to be darker as I don't turn on all the lights. I have always liked this print that hides in one of the meeting rooms and thought it would make for a nice shot.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this post signals my return to blogging or not - honestly between reddit, twitter, facebook and all the other ways to share, I'm not really sure what I have left to say. Also, it bugs me that I don't know how to do things like have the text wrap around the photo, etc. like I used to be able to. Okay, that was easy to figure out. Nevermind!