Monday, October 29, 2007

Late night uninstalls

I finally chose to uninstall Paint.NET today. I had it as the default program on my home computer for many months, but finally admitted to myself that it was just too slow for what I wanted. If you haven't noticed by the photos I use lately, I'm not overly picky about quality. I crop, play with contrast and a few other things and that's about it. The default photo gallery program in Vista gives me all of that and launches way faster than Paint.NET.

I'm sure it's a great program that does a lot of important photo editing features. I just don't need any of them.

On a side note, I can't sleep. I'm not worried or stressed about anything in particular, I think I just had too much sugar in my dessert and a few late nights this weekend. I'm sure I will be dragging my heels in the morning.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Recovery Weekend

With things wrapping up with this month's project at work, I was in need of a little recovery time. I fled the office a little early on Friday and did not look back. Instead, my wife and I headed out to a place called The Calling Freehouse, which used to be known as the Denman Street Freehouse. This is a great little bar across from one of Vancouver's best beaches. We slipped in to grab some appetizers and drinks and ended up watching some of a hockey game as a bonus. It was a nice night out and a great way to unwind. I even came away with another beer coaster.

Now it is the end of the next day, and I'm winding down for bed. I know that we made it out to at least eat lunch and do some grocery shopping, but really, it was a slow day for us today. Another hockey game (watched at home this time, our team won) rounded out the day. The weekend is only half over and I have no formal plans for tomorrow.

I love it.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sun for Thanksgiving in Vancouver

We have had our fair share of rain over the past few weeks. In fact, it has been somewhat hurtful to watch the weather reports that show places like Chicago in a full blown heat wave while we in Vancouver are already breaking out our winter wet gear. So when the rain finally broke sometime yesterday and we got some real sunshine, it was more than welcome even if it was still pretty cold outside.

One of the things that Canadian Thanksgiving usually means for me is that I have to get my Christmas gift list in to my cousins, as they tend to head south for the winter so they need it early. Once again, I'm behind on that, but should get something to them shortly. Still, it was very nice to have a long weekend to get caught up on a few things and to eat turkey with some family.