Saturday, October 13, 2007

Recovery Weekend

With things wrapping up with this month's project at work, I was in need of a little recovery time. I fled the office a little early on Friday and did not look back. Instead, my wife and I headed out to a place called The Calling Freehouse, which used to be known as the Denman Street Freehouse. This is a great little bar across from one of Vancouver's best beaches. We slipped in to grab some appetizers and drinks and ended up watching some of a hockey game as a bonus. It was a nice night out and a great way to unwind. I even came away with another beer coaster.

Now it is the end of the next day, and I'm winding down for bed. I know that we made it out to at least eat lunch and do some grocery shopping, but really, it was a slow day for us today. Another hockey game (watched at home this time, our team won) rounded out the day. The weekend is only half over and I have no formal plans for tomorrow.

I love it.

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