Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fireworks American Style

We put our patio woes behind us and set out to see the fireworks this evening. Tonight was America's turn, and they certainly raised the bar. After a somewhat average performance by Canada the other night, we were much more impressed with the American show.

I brought my mini-tripod for my camera and even though I had to set it up on the ground, noted that I got significantly better photos with it (as expected.)

I had the dog out for a walk a couple hours before the event and noticed that by that time there were already thousands of people starting to gather. One of my favorite parts of events like this is the gathering of boats in the harbour. I used to really enjoy watching the show from the bow of my cousin's boat, even though it often took an hour or two to just to get back into port, and there was always some jerk in too much of a rush, speeding his boat past the other boats. Somehow, that was all just part of the excitement of the night for me - but then again, I was usually not piloting on nights like that.

So once again, the city had fun and while I can still hear the helicopters buzzing around, I have to say that the crowds have been pretty good this year. For the first event the reports were that there were only eight fights out of the approximately four hundred thousand people. Tonight felt like the same

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