Saturday, July 19, 2008

Newer means Smaller

Today was the day I replaced my camera. Showing no brand loyalty whatsoever, I selected the Nikon Coolpix S210. It happened to be the last one in the store so I didn't really have a choice in the colour, which turned out to be okay, since I probably would have chosen the one I got anyhow. As far as a comparison to my last camera, it has about the same features as the Kodak, but offers fewer megapixels (8 compared to 10).

The trade off is that the Nikon is significantly smaller than the Kodak and is supposed to have a better quality lens. Having only spent half a day with it, I can only say that it does seem to take a picture I am happy with, but I really like the small size. It was important to me to have something truly 'pocketable' as this is a camera I like to take with me. I have no room for SLRs and the like in my jeans.

One final note: I broke my informal rule slightly - this camera was a little more than the $150 I was planning to spend. I'll call it 'inflation' and leave it at that.


Derek said...

Yay, fewer megapixels. I'm glad you struck a blow for "more useful and better pictures" rather than the endless shrinking of pixels on tiny sensor chips.

(My SLR is 6 megapixels, and I'm fine with that.)

iTripped said...

Or more to the point, there is only so much I can crop out of a photo in order to fit it on the internet. Blogger resizes down to a max of 1600 wide anyway, so I find I have to resize at least in half to fit that.

Plus, it really is a lot smaller.