Friday, July 25, 2008


I was all set. I took a half day at work, I booked a truck with the auto cooperative, I called to confirm that Home Depot had enough stock for my renovation job. So I leave work, get the truck, BUY the paver stones and discover while they are loading it that they are the wrong style. They had to go back because the supplier changed product but not the SKU. After sorting this out it was 3PM and we were no further ahead. A quick trip over to Rona confirmed the worst: they also had no stock despite having it on sale this week.

By this time the truck had to go back. The afternoon was shot and I would not be setting pavers this weekend. At this point I still haven't been able to find the size and style stones I hoped to use. I may have to rethink my design.

So that is why I was frustrated. The photo is here because I saw Ooze for sale on the menu. Between that and Toxic Waste flavored slurpees at 7-11, I don't understand marketing these days.

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