Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Better late than never

This has not been a spectactular summer for Vancouver this year, at least as far as the weather goes. Having said that, the last couple weeks have been getting warmer, which is nice. But even with that, I can't remember a year when I have needed a sweatshirt in July.

I suppose it is for the best, with my patio under construction the last thing I need is a solid heat wave that makes indoor living uncomfortable. Yeah right, I can't see that happening in our place.

In other news, I was walking along Denman street when I noticed this Smart car parked sideways. I was really surprised not to see a ticket on it, I thought that sort of thing was illegal. Of course, if you are going to park that way, that is probably the best car for the job. It's also probably the best car for the Downtown area in general too, but that's another topic.

These photos were taken with my broken camera and have been subject to heavy cropping and rotation. I suppose if I had to break something, breaking the LCD was the best as it is still useful as a camera.


Yvette said...

I moved to Vancouver in July 1995 and I clearly remember wearing a sweatshirt and jeans in August. Coming from hot and humid Toronto, I thought to myself, "What have I done?!".

iTripped said...

I arrived the following September and felt it was still warmer than Nova Scotia. In '98 I had my wife (then girlfriend) out for her first visit to the area and remember it was very hot over the Labour Day weekend. I'm not sure if it has been so hot since.