Thursday, August 07, 2008


As I continue to play with my camera, I find all sorts of things that are different from the broken Kodak. For example, the Nikon will offer a panorama assist mode for taking photos, but will not actually stitch them together. Bundled software was provided to do this on my computer though, which does get around the problem. The camera does offer a semi-transparent layer on the LCD viewfinder to help with lining up the shots though, which is a nice touch. The Kodak though, would automatically stitch the photos together and save them as one file right on the camera. I suspect that the results were less sophisticated, but it was nice to have it done at the time the photo was taken.
Having said that, you can see by the included photo that even more sophisticated stitching algorithms aren't perfect. Note the extra ripples in the water below Olympic Village. But still, the overall photo is a smoother match than what I used to get on the Kodak.

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