Sunday, March 30, 2008

Anyone need ibook parts?

So yes, this is a photo of some guy's convertible with the the top down while it hails and rains into his car. I don't think he was there any longer than he had to be (probably unloading the box) but he wasn't looking very happy about things when he walked past me. For my part, I found it hugely entertaining and had to grab this picture.

So hey, does anyone out there need spare parts for a 12" ibook G4 computer? Ours finally gave up the ghost but I'm sure we could salvage a few parts like the LCD or maybe the battery or disk drive, etc. I'll probably advertise on craigslist as well since we no longer have a use for it.


Derek said...

If the battery's still good, my wife could use it -- hers only holds about 5-7 minutes of juice right now.

erinator said...

this is probably going to sound a little weird... but are your e/s/d/c/v/b/n/i/m/k/l key covers worn out? if not, i'll trade you for mine! the e/i/c/n letters on mine are completely gone, and the others above are quickly fading. i must be typing too hard or something?