Friday, March 21, 2008

Back from Mexico

I learned something about beer in Mexico. Beer is a water substitute there, and drinking it helps prevent a thirsty traveler from suffering 'Montezuma's revenge', which you can get from tap water down there.

There are two reasons I did not blog while I was away. One, my wifi access was very limited - it wasn't until I was halfway through my stay when I discovered where it was, in one remote shop on the resort. The other reason was that even with wifi, I did not have a good way to upload any of the photos I took. Expect a few post-vacation posts to feature some of the better ones.

There were about twenty of us that went on this wedding trip and roughly half of us managed to get sick for at least a day. Luckily, my wife and I managed to play it safe enough to not be in the 'sick' group. The worst I had was a sunburn on my back on the second day, that was mostly healed by the time I returned. We had only gone out on one excursion (to the Mayan ruins) and decided ahead of time not to eat or drink anything but bottled water until we returned. In fact, the only thing I had off-resort the whole trip was this Corona pictured here. I had that on the tour bus that brought us in, and it was the only beer that I paid cash for (three dollars).


FiSHBoY said...

me and gwilli's first beers in Mexico, circa 2005:

Dos Cerveza

iTripped said...

Haha, that's great!