Thursday, March 27, 2008

Walking the dog at night

Cadero at Comox
Originally uploaded by iTripped
I stopped to take a few photos last night as I was walking Louise, mostly because it was a good night for it but also just to play around with my camera some. I modified this photo a little to take some of the yellow tint out of it mostly to correct the other colours that were overpowered by the artificial light in the area.

Vancouver has some surprisingly well lit areas at night so getting some interesting shots is not a hard thing to do. One of the things going on is that the city is flushing the water mains in this area, so we also happened to see an open fire hydrant and I got a few interesting pics of that as well. In so doing, I also stepped into some dog crap (from another dog, not mine) but luckily there was a handy supply of running water to wash my shoe off so I did not complain.

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