Saturday, March 29, 2008

Surprise snow in Vancouver

It looks like April Fools came early around here this year. Vancouver got a bit of snow today, which means March is going out like a 'lion'. We still get the last laugh though because we haven't had frost in our ground so I expect this little bit will be gone before this time tomorrow.

Look at me, pretending to be Mr. Weatherman.

So what do we do while the snow and rain is coming down outside? Well my wife put a turkey in the oven so now our place smells fantastic and is toasty warm, despite the damp weather. For my part, I recycled a few things and picked up some wine to go with the turkey. Neither one of us has really eaten much today, so I'm hoping tonight's dinner becomes a feast.

Today's photo is another one taken from our vacation. Holly and I found this bar in one of the 'special' areas on our resort, but they still served us just the same. It was nice because it was a lot quieter, since the bulk of the tourists were in other areas. The glass table top is reflecting the framework of the roof, which was quite high to help keep the place comfortable inside.

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iTripped said...

Oh, and you can also see the chandelier in the table reflection too. That thing was huge!