Thursday, March 06, 2008

Shake shake shake your Shamrocks

I bought the office Shamrock Shakes the other day. It was a teambuilding kind of thing, where people who had never had one before were able to try out the minty flavoured milkshake from McDonald's. All told, I had 25 milkshakes to buy, which was about 10 more than the milkshake machine seems to be able to handle at once, at least at that particular McDonald's. We walked from the office (I had about ten co-workers with me) so the plan was to carry them back.

Don't worry, they all made it back to the office. It was fun to see some people who claimed to not like them at all try it anyway and admit to enjoying it. I ended up blending some of mine into my decaf coffee, which turned out quite good, despite the colour. It is all about the proportions, I think. I also think the camera had too much blue in the photo compared to reality.

Here in Canada, this was only possible as of 2008, as McDonald's had discontinued the Shamrock Shake for the past five years. It is also possibly the only time I consider getting a milkshake at McDonald's and even so, it is more out of nostalgia than any real craving for the taste.

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