Monday, February 26, 2007

On the road again

I took this photo on my penultimate trip to Vernon. The weather was actually quite nice, but you could still see the effects of the last couple months.

It makes me feel like I am a slot racer, with really high sidewalls.

Fortunately, the Coquihalla has pretty good visibility throughout, so it never felt claustrophobic. Except when surrounded by tractor trailers.

I'm getting ready to head back tonight, this time to actually rent a truck, fill it with my stuff, and then drive back to Vancouver. I'm sure we will visit the Okanagan (in the summer) but man, it will sure be nice to finally be settled in a place that is ours again.

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DerekL said...

Hey Dave,
I took the exact same shot with a camera phone on Saturday morning around 6 or 7am taking my daughter to a fencing camp in Vancouver.
It is quite an awesome sight to see with your own eyes.