Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Root Beer Assassin strikes!

This is Root Beer Assassin, reporting in. Mission #1: Poison the Iranian was a resounding success.

The poison was finally obtained last night, after visiting dozens of merchants. This took weeks of research but eventually success was mine. Photographed here is a sample of the venom of choice: Root Beer flavoured candies.

The mission target happens to have a very strong aversion to the taste of root beer. Yet he also has a very strong affinity for candies. This is why this was the perfect weapon to use against this individual.

A rendezvous was practically guaranteed, as I have already ensured close proximity to the target by occupying a desk near his (we work in the same office - all good assassins are placed as spies with close ties to the target.) I merely placed the candies in a bowl on my desk and others from the office began to sample them. Some remarked how good they tasted. Within the hour, the target wandered over to sample the new candies. It was like a lamb being lead to the slaughter, really.

If he was suspicious, he would have carefully tested the candy by licking it lightly. But no! The target was enthusiastic about eating the candy, and popped it into his mouth, ready to enjoy the sweet, sweet taste. It took a few seconds for the realization to dawn on him - he was poisoned! This candy did not taste good to him at ALL! Even though he spat out the candy, the taste in his mouth lingered, and it was a bitter taste to him. Mission accomplished.

Thusly, the Root Beer Assassin drew first blood.


Vegetapaul said...

Round 2:


LeberMac said...

iTripped! You assassin!