Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day, readers

Well it is Valentine's Day and in typical Vancouver fashion, it is raining steady. So I thought I would show a picture taken on a non-rainy day to help brighten the mood and to also show that sometimes the stars do align enough for the rain to stop long enough for the concrete to dry.

I think that this is the first year since being married that my wife and I were not able to be together. I'm not going to mope about it here, but I won't say I don't care either. I think the net result is that the two of us will be VERY HAPPY when March 1st rolls around and we are finally done with the move into town.

So for everybody who has somebody that they can't be with today, make the best of it and look on the bright side. Since you can't be together, you can send sappy e-cards to commemorate the day. Many thanks to Penmachine for that link.

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