Thursday, February 15, 2007

Candy Bowl

So on my desk - well, on top of my computer actually, sits a bowl I keep filled with candy. Co-workers often come over to my desk to ask me questions, or to discuss various things and when they do, quite often they help themselves to the contents of the candy bowl.

This was the setting for the Root Beer Assassination earlier. However, not everybody hated root beer. In fact, I found that they were very popular candies and were consumed quite quickly. So when it came time to restock the bowl, I had to decide what to fill it with.

Root beer candies were clearly out. That joke has been played and I don't want the others getting bored with my selection. So then I thought - now that Valentine's day has passed, I get to look forward to St. Patrick's Day. So what better to fill the candy bowl with, but chocolate coins? Throughout the day I have been watching as people in the office 'discover' the new treats in the bowl. I swear, I should have been a sociologist or something. Not that there is much of a point to be made from people eating free candy.

1 comment:

Vegetapaul said...

Man you sohuld have saved the dubloons for talk like a pirate day!

arrg... Shiver me timbers!