Thursday, November 03, 2005

Trolling the net catches a mixed bag of things

A medley of topics for today, beginning with a statistical representation of datum collected about suicides off of the Golden Gate bridge. The obvious conclusion is that walkers kill themselves more than bikers, and people who drive never commit suicide on the bridge. Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. It gets very foggy there at times. Would you rather jump on a clear day, or in the fog, when you would not see the rapidly approaching water? Morbid discussion perhaps, but it's been that kind of a day.

Next up is Repetitive Information Injury, which although is relevant and very real, is not so much of an injury as a complete waste of time. As in, that's the effect of the disorder. I'm not trying to say the article is a waste. Please, go read it. Now.

For those who want to do stuff on the web, but don't know where to look, I suggest this helpful site. It provides many links to free and popular tools people use to do all sorts of internet related activities. Not so much a discussion topic, I know. But in the theme of handy, here's a site that lets you make custom t-shirt designs and promises rapid turnaround.

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erinator said...

oh goodness. i've spent all my "sit here and wait for someone to come help me troubleshoot this danged script that hates me" time reading various Rands in Repose articles. and now it's already 6. time sure flies by when you're having fun being appalled at the realization that you're geekier than you thought you were...