Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tent Village forming

Tent Village
Originally uploaded by iTripped.
For the past few weeks, a gathering of homeless people have been busy building some shelter for winter. I get to see it all happen from my office window.

And yes, today it started to snow in Vernon. I'm not exactly thrilled about it.

But back to the tent village. The picture shown here probably doesn't give you much in the way of detail, but I figured it was a good enough balance between that and their privacy. It's the least I could do, since I'm here blogging about them on the internet, a forum to which they are almost certainly without access.

The police know of their existence, I have seen them over for at least one visit. I'm guessing that so long as they don't disturb anyone, the cops will leave 'em alone for the winter.

Did I mention that it started to snow today? And that I'm not pleased?


Rae said...

It snowed here today too!!! Stupid Omaha.

gwilli said...

it's snowing? you must be terribly excited about that!