Thursday, November 24, 2005

Embarrassing Birthday Post

Ha ha, it's Kevin's birthday today, and he turns a whopping 32. For those who don't know, Kevin works for me (and he's pictured here) and I'm kinda hoping he's easily embarrassed.

Not that I'll have much trouble if he's not. Just look how uncomfortable he is in the photo.

Kevin's a quiet guy, so it's hard to dig up some good dirt on him. His blog doesn't provide many clues either. Just a bunch of photos he took with his fancy camera and stuff like that.

One thing that is undeniable about Kevin is that he's a gamer. That means he likes guns. That's pretty much a given for gamers, right? He's also into many aspects of Japanese culture and has visited there on at least one occasion. But then, that's pretty close to being a given for gamers in general as well, right?

Anyway, happy birthday Kevin. Hope you enjoy your prime rib and pacho fries tonight.


Fizzy said...

Hmm... Kevin looks kinda cute... is he single?

Happy Birthday, Kevin! Lovin' the photography, by the way.

Bad Omen said...

I *am* cute and I am also single!