Friday, November 25, 2005

Please make it stop!

Nov 25 2005
Please make it stop.
This morning I was looking at green grass, could clearly see the homeless tent villiage and even saw some sunshine make it's way through the cloud cover.

But now look at it! The snow is back, my tires are still bald (I'm going to head over to Canadian Tire after work to fix that) and everybody around me seems to actually LIKE the weather change. Especially the guy I told to work from home this afternoon, since he lives further away.

At least the frost isn't here yet, so I'm hoping it doesn't last long. It's really hard to maintain a sense of denial when winter slaps you in the face like this.
Me, staring in disbelief

Kevin snapped the second picture as I stopped to look out the window. The photo is much darker than reality (our office lighting isn't THAT bad, honest!) but I liked how it changed the mood of the photo. Like how I slipped in that Kevin took the photo? That was because he released it under the Creative Commons license. Technically, I had to ask him to modify it as well, since he did not expressly give me rights to do so until I 'had a little chat' with him. Technically, that's the legal way of handling situations like this.


Endless Drool said...

haha... those look like the kind of "little chats" we have around the office as well... :-)

gwilli said...

you wish.

Endless Drool said...

Well... I might not be on the "giving" end of those kinda chats... :-(