Friday, November 04, 2005

I had an ECG test today

Yesterday I was experiencing chest pains that were bad enough to prompt me to call the doctor. I said the magic phrase 'Family History' and they decided to bump a few appointments to clear a spot for me that day, as opposed to scheduling for today. I gotta be more careful how I use that phrase.

While my doctor is good, I get the impression that she specializes in delivering babies and helping women through pregnancy. So I wasn't surprised that after taking my blood pressure and listening to my heart, she referred me to a cardiologist. Along with that, she arranged for me to have some blood work done, as well as an Electrocardiogram, or an ECG for short. It's the test that reports back the electrical activity going on in your heart, with output like what is pictured here. (No, that is not my test result. I shamelessly stole this one from the internet.)

In order to collect the test data, I needed to strip down to the waist, and also make sure my ankles were exposed. From there, leads were applied to each ankle, and to about 8 different places across my chest. It's not painful until the doctor starts removing the sticky tabs from your chest, and only then if you happen to lose a few hairs. The doctor's cold hands were a greater concern.

The other part of why I was at the medical clinic today was to collect blood. That meant I had to fast for at least 10 hours prior to arrival. I'm guessing that most people do like I did and show up first thing in the morning, since fasting through the day would really suck. I normally hate getting needles stuck in me, but this was okay. Better than my average trip to the dentist, at least. At least now they will have an idea of just how bad my cholesterol is.

Hopefully all of this will help the doctor determine what caused my discomfort yesterday, and ideally, what I can do to prevent it from happening again.


ray said...

wow, that sounds scary! man! don't eat like a pig! and exercise!

hmm... i think i'm talking to myself.

erinator said...

cholesterol blood tests suck. especially when the nurse can't find a good enough vein and sticks you three times!

wiwian said...

I hope everything turn out okay.

scrpiron said...

Kinda scary huh? Ref. your dream, remember that you bear his name, not me. However, look at how good Grandpa Kehoe has been with treatments. He only stopped hunting a few years ago.
So, I guess it's 3 shreddies a morning for you, and only have the occasional treat od Bacon and eggs.


Endless Drool said...

That's scary, dude. It couldn't be a bad case of heartburn, could it? Apparently that is sometimes mistaken for heart attacks. Hope things have gotten better.

Just another reason to walk the pug more too, huh? :-)

iTripped said...

Definately not heartburn. I'll be following up with my doctor today, so hopefully I'll know soon enough.