Friday, November 18, 2005

Kelowna gets all the good Mayoral candiates

For those who don't already know, we are in the midst of municipal elections. Kelowna is the city just south of us, and they are also in full campaign mode. One of the local TV stations has put video of each candidate introducing themselves and their platform on their website.

You all must watch the video for Andrew Uitvlugt.

It's a little convoluted, but here's how you get there: First, go to the home page for OKBC TV. From there, scroll to the bottom and click in the area that says "OKBC TV Exclusive. Click here to view video profile of the mayor and council candidates for the City of Kelowna." Andrew is the second name in the list. Click his name and watch the video.

Reader exercise: What's your favorite part of Andrew's speech?

UPDATE: I was so impressed with Andrew's file that I contacted the TV station and requested a copy. Here is my response:

Andrew has had lots of success with his videoprofile, I can only release his video if he gives you and me written autorization and a recovery cost of $50 to convert the video to DVD format.
Contact Andrew and ask him for his autorization first, secondly please send us a cheque for $50 to make a DVD for you.

Okay, I can completely understand the permission part, but $50 for a DVD? I must say I'm very tempted to put it on my Christmas gift list. Maybe if the DVD had bonus features, like more footage of Andrew, perhaps with a whiteboard to illustrate his ideas.

Oh, and for anyone who has trouble with the video, I did find a PDF that encapsulates his views. Unfortunately, it's a very sanitized version that doesn't capture the essence of the video profile. Also, here's an MP3 of a radio interview Andrew gave on Wednesday with 580 CFRA News Talk Radio.


Bad Omen said...

The video gets better, and better, and better. He goes so over the top describing his solution and then, calms totally down for "in conclusion." The in conclusion bit seems so out of place compared to the rant he was on before.

wiwian said... is hard to pick my favorite part. The "you can come in whenever you want to work" is great. The "you would work for your crap" part is awesome too. So hard to choose. Hehehe..

iTripped said...

PS everybody in BC - get out and vote tomorrow!

iTripped said...

Well the video link is now gone. It was fun while it lasted.

Andrew Uitvlugt said...

I am
I didn't have time to explain the details of my plan but I am happy they were heard.