Thursday, August 02, 2007

Best fireworks yet

Last night was China's turn to display their talents with fireworks. China did not disappoint. Based on my unscientific research, I would say that China is going to win this competition this year. (research was done by talking to people in the office, people at home, etc. to see how they felt the show was. Unanimous results (well, all but the spouse of one person I spoke with) were that China did the best. Hey, I said UN-scientific.)

Once again the harbour was filled with boats. Once again people were generally happy to be out and pleasant to get along with. Once again, trash crews came along afterward to clean the beaches. Seeing Vancouver pull off an event like this gives me hope for some of the events coming up. People are going to love this town in 2010.


chefkoch said...

what's in 2010?

iTripped said...

For real? I guess you might not know. 2010 is the year Vancouver hosts the winter olympics.