Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ubuntu Day Two

Okay, it is not really the second day for linux but it's the second day that I have had a chance to be on the computer long enough to address a few things. Most notably, I no longer have my black window issue I complained about earlier. Much thanks to 'spuck' from a chat room who was helpful in his own way. Much more thanks to the rest of the room for us dominating the conversation about linux basics for about an hour. I have also managed to get my work applications and sites configured, so I can now function fully from home. For the record, the way I addressed the black window bug was to switch from compiz to metacity. This means none of the glitzy features like wobbly windows, etc. until I upgrade my video card. Functional wins over pretty - not sure if I have heard that before or not.

Next on my to-do list for linux: uninstall 64bit firefox so that I can install the 32bit version instead. Also, I will probably want to install another browser like Opera, etc. From there, who knows - I may get crazy with what I install. But for now, back to work.

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