Friday, August 10, 2007

Ramen noodles

Recently, I ordered some Ramen noodles from a local noodle cafe. Overall, I was really pleased with the food and the overall look of the place. It was clean, bright and fun despite the small size.

Although I have had ramen noodles before (my wife has made them from time to time) I really had forgotten what they tasted like, or what kind of variety I could expect. The stuff we ordered came in a rather large bowl (we got take out, so the bowl was plastic, not styrofoam and had a proper lid) and I thought it tasted good.
I think I would like to dine-in one time though, because the place is dominated by this wraparound bar that you can sit at. The server can walk down the center of this bar, serving the customers easily.

I am not sure if it is obvious by the photo or not, but I had my ramen noodles with chicken and vegetables. Next time I might try adding the egg, although I am not sure if I should get a traditional boiled egg, or the pink and white striped egg-like thing I see in the pictures.

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