Friday, August 17, 2007

Third day is the charm for Ubuntu

Yes, the novelty is starting to wear off on posting about ubuntu. But I had to say that I found a solution to the whole 'Adobe has yet to get around to releasing a 64-bit version of Flash' issue.

The solution: install 32-bit Firefox instead of the default 64-bit version.

What sounds simple is not always so. Take a look at these instructions. They work, but it took me a while to puzzle out just what I was supposed to do, or how. But the good news is that at least I was able to get a solution for my problem I guess. I ended up installing a browser with an even crazier name than before. I now have Swiftweazel32. As if a weazel is ever slow. Just crazy talk.

I also managed to install Vendetta Online, just in case I wanted to shoot up some space ships, or test out the 3d capabilities of the onboard video card.

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