Thursday, July 26, 2007

And so it begins

Last night we were running to the beach to catch the fireworks, which overall, were a lot of fun. I said I would take some grainy, blurred photos of the event and I did. But only this one was really worth using. Well that, and this photo I took this morning - remember I said that we have a city worker strike on right now? Let's all watch together as Vancouver becomes stinkier and stinkier. Of course, now that Richmond has signed a deal with their city workers, I hope things get resolved quickly. At least our building trash is still being collected - we (like most other condos in the area) have arrangements with commercial trash disposal services and do not rely on city workers for this sort of thing.

In other news, our cats have informed us that a crow has decided to make a nest in a bush on our balcony. This has been a *BIG* deal to them, except when the crow is sleeping. I managed to get a photo of Sassy as she attempted to get a better look at the intruder.

At first I was thinking this was cool. We would get to see little crow babies hatch from eggs right from our living room window, as the nest will only be about six feet from the window. But at some ungodly hour this morning all I could hear was the 'caw caw caw' of a crow that was altogether too close to our bedroom window. I'm not sure what time this all started because my eyes refused to open enough to read the clock. I swear, that bird better eat it's body weight in insects or it won't last long in my yard.

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