Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting ready for the fireworks

So tonight is the first night in the Celebration of Light in Vancouver, where we see a few nations compete in an event that combines fireworks with music. For many years, this used to be called the Festival of Fire, sponsored by some cigarette company, until that became unpopular (the sponsor, not the event.)

I haven't actually attended this event in many years, in part because I was out of town and also due to the challenges with parking. But now that I live close by, it will be fun to attend, and then to walk home afterwards. At least it isn't supposed to rain.

Today's photos are totally unrelated, of course. The first one is the front of my computer case, complete with the glowing power button. The case is actually quite nice, but one complaint I did have was that it was larger than I anticipated. Having said that, I am very happy with it and the desk we got for it houses it just fine.
Next, is another shot of the Vancouver Library. We decided to head over there last night because the rumor is that Librarians will be the next to go on strike. Best to check out books before that happens.

I have always liked the building design of the library, so I opted to hang out front with Louise while my wife went in to get the material she was looking for.

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chefkoch said...

those stairs look messy!