Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More german reflections

Kulmbacher. My first beer in Germany. It was a good one, and the mug size was very generous. I had this beer after touring one of the many museums in Frankfurt - there was a restaurant attached to the museum and we ate there.

Naturally, I had schnitzel as my first meal in Germany.

There was so much to see in Frankfurt. From what I hear, most people fly in here and then quickly move on to other places. Not us - we completely did the tourist routine, visiting museums, shopping eating out, learning the train system, learning how to not get run over by traffic and so much more. I really wish I had blogged each day because so much happened and I am already forgetting so much of the little stuff. Honestly, if we hadn't taken pictures I would forget even more.

Oh - did I mention the bread? The German people certainly know how to bake up some tasty treats. If I was to ever move to Germany, I would probably gain a lot of weight.

The buildings pictured here are somewhere around five hundred years old. Probably renovated many times, but still - to think that way back then they had buildings that stood six or seven stories tall - or taller for cathedrals. When we walked into this area my wife and I stopped and just said 'wow' at first. I grew up in Halifax, which by North American standards is a very old city. It has cobblestone streets, it has a historic waterfront section, it even has an old fortress in the center of town, surrounded by cannons. But by any standard, the 'oldness' of Halifax is a dim reflection of what we experienced here.

Some may note the irony of me talking about how 'old' Frankfurt is, especially since it is one of the more modern cities in Germany. Skyscrapers line the sky alongside cathedral towers. Wifi hotspots were virtually everywhere we went. But from my perspective, there were certainly parts of Franfurt that stretched back further than anything I had experienced before.

And to think that some people said I should have tried to see more of Europe during my short stay.


Anonymous said...

yes NA is relatively very young compare to the rest of the world. Cool pictures! Are you going to post some better quality ones on your flickr account?

iTripped said...

yep, they are there: