Monday, July 09, 2007

One more for the road

Ok, this is probably my last post about Germany. On the first night in Flensburg, we met with the other wedding attendees at a place called Hansen's Brewery. (Obviously, this is the English translation - I'm not about to butcher more German). They had this amazing way of serving beer - they had these long serving boards that held about a dozen small-ish glasses of beer that they would slide along the center of the table, so that everyone could easily grab one. Pure genius! Of course, I was not a fan of their pilsner - in a general sense, I wasn't a fan of any of the northern pilsners. But they had a very tasty dark beer (pictured here) that was just the ticket.

This was a quaint little brewery that was actually a brewery, and not just some restaurant built to showcase beers that are brewed elsewhere. I remember that after we ate here, we were taken outside to the harbour area so that we could experience drinking openly in public. Seems the Germans in the area were quite proud of the fact that they were allowed to do this.

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