Monday, October 03, 2005

Still off Caffeine

So this is week two of my non-caffeine trip. I am now back to waking up normally, and able to function, but find I am just a little sluggish throughout the day. No more headaches though, so I'm happy about that.

Yesterday I chipped my front tooth while eating. Not very noticeable to others, but very bothersome for me. So I guess I'll be calling the dentist yet again. (I was there 3 times last month, for a cleaning and two cavities.) And no, it wasn't the wife's cooking to blame. I bit my fork. Don't ask me how it happened, I was probably groggy from not having a good cup of coffee.

Oh yeah - and is it just me, or is it colder around here all of a sudden? I just hate the way summer ends in Vernon - it's like jumping off a cliff. One day it's beach weather, and the next you need a fleece just to walk the dog. Whatever happened to gradual changes in the weather?


scrpiron said...

Off coffee? Poor fellow. I just endured a root canal for a broken tooth, so yeah, get it fixed now big brother.


iTripped said...

I was in for the dentist to look at it yesterday, and he would have fixed it on the spot, but had just put freezing into another patient. So I had to reschedule for the 14th.

At least it's getting done, I guess.