Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happy Halloween

They had a pumpkin carving contest at work today, and here is a shot of several choice ones. Sadly, I was in a meeting at the time, so I missed out on the festivities. But I was there in spirit!

Halloween is one of those interesting holidays that is only fun when everybody is on board and decides to participate. Throwing a costume party is no fun if half the people decide not to dress up at all. Giving candy to the kids is no fun when their parents truck them around to the 'hot spots' in town and only 4 or 5 kids actually arrive at your door.

Halloween is a chance for people to get a little crazy, have some fun and have a good time. I'm sure there is a deeper meaning behind the holiday, but like most people, I don't take it that far. Halloween is not my religion. Let me take that one a step further: my religion is not threatened by the concept of Halloween either. My God is one who enjoys greeting little kids at the door all night long, not one who prohibits me from participating because of some obscure pagan heritage. If that were the case, there would be a lot more holidays than just Halloween that would be off the list.

Anyway, once again I got off task. All I was really supposed to do was say 'have a happy halloween' to the one or two people who still read this. See you in November.


scrpiron said...

Amen, I agree heartily. My kids like trick or treating, to us it's about free candy, and fun. I like giving it away too. I once threatened my youth group kids that if they came to the door I'd give 'em canned goods. I gave away a dozen cans of beans that night.


Endless Drool said...

Happy Halloween to you too, buddy. Off to watch some obligatory scary movies to go with this holiday. Hopefully Emma will enjoy Pet Semetary. :)

erinator said...

we didn't even have a last-minute costume contest this year! i think last year june managed to co-erce geneve and sarah to set one up with a day of notice, but this year, nothing happened.

though i think there were a few people dressed up around the office...

yay halloween!

erinator said...

does the word verification cut down on the blog spam?

iTripped said...

So far so good. Since I enabled the option, I haven't been spammed. I guess they will need another week or two to engineer a solution around that though.