Monday, October 17, 2005

Try palmreading this

Okay, so this is what my hand looked like after assembling some Ikea furniture. I started out thinking that a regular screwdriver would be fine for the job, and that using a drill to set the screws would be overkill. By the time my hand got sore, I was 'mostly done' and it didn't seem worth it to break out the drill. The next day I noticed a bruise running across my palm, from the handle of the screwdriver.

I guess it's pretty obvious that these hands don't see a lot of manual labour.

We were able to start some tiling work in the kitchen as well. I think I like tiling, at least on the walls. It's like drywall without the excessive sanding. Of course, I'm saying this before we apply any of the grout, so I could have a change of heart later on. Of course, this neccessitated another trip to the hardware store, which is always fun for me. I had an excuse to purchase yet another bit for my dremel (to cut tiles) and also got some clamps that were on sale in addition to the needed supplies for the tile project.

Reader exercise: Give a palm reading based on the image in this post. Points will be awarded for creativity. Oh, and if you are going to give a 'legitimate' reading, please indicate as much, so I don't assume you are writing fiction.


Denny said...

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iTripped said...

I'm suspicious of these unannounced comments that go on about a bunch of unrelated stuff, then link back to some other site (not always another blog).

I followed the links and noticed comments on Denny's site that suggest he sent out the same post to a variety of people.

gwilli said...

denny is not very good at reading palms. let's get him!

iTripped said...

Agreed. I'm starting to hate the sblogs (spam-blogs) which is why I turned on the assinine word verification feature.

gwilli said...

it is pretty assinine. but I bet I know someone who could write something to automatically decifer it. heh heh.

ray said...

Yo! Good to have another blog for me to stalk. Keep the posting going, man.

erinator said...

aha, i didn't read back far enough to see the comment explaining why the word verification feature is on. :)