Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Desk with a view

Oct 04-2005
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Yes, the leaves are starting to turn colour. And the clouds are rolling in more frequently these days. Walking the dog is a brisk affair now, and is starting to require gloves at night. I looked out my window at work, noticed a rainbow, and took a picture.

And yes, it's not the best rainbow ever, I already know that.

Lately I have been playing Pepsi's contest to win an Xbox 360. Coke could stand to learn a few things from Pepsi when it comes to contests. I hesitate to share the link, because I'm greedy and want to win an Xbox for myself first. What? At least I'm honest about it. Hopefully I'll win early so I don't start dreaming about the repetitive surveys Pepsi makes you fill out in order to play. Oh well, if that's the price, I'm buying.

As soon as I posted this, I noticed I already had a comment. A spam comment. Blogger spam is really starting to suck.


Endless Drool said...

So selfish... but honest! Which is kinda like "Tough but Fair", but in a much more self-centered way.

By the way, thanks for letting everyone know about the Pepsi, Xbox 360 contest in your blog. It's not like it was hard to find, once we knew this contest existed. :-)

iTripped said...

Heh. It's about time you started a blog.