Friday, October 21, 2005

Dang, my blog is worthless

So over at Business Opportunities they have a web application that determines the worth of your blog. I thought to myself: 'hmm... this could be interesting.' I'll save you the effort of entering my blog address into the calculator:

'Your blog,, is worth $0.00'

I then decided to try entering the Business Opportunities page, and discovered that they too were worthless. Suddenly I'm not feeling so bad. Even Groklaw came up with no value, which surprised me somewhat since it was in CNet's Top 100 Blogs list. By this point I was sure I had missed something in how value was determined. I figured I should at least read past the title of the article. And sure enough, the app is only concerned with sites that link back to Weblogs Inc. as referenced by the AOL deal. So I tried one of those sites, and voila, I got the pie-in-the-sky results I was looking for:

'Your blog,, is worth $7,708,229.16'

The biggest problem with this number is that while AOL might be willing to pay this number to Weblogs Inc., I seriously doubt that the engadget posters get to see any of this coin. Which means the money is still in the hosting/providing/publishing end of the buisness and not in the writing/creating end. At least, not for anybody using these free blogging services who chooses not to bombard the reader with advertising.


gwilli said...

whoo hoo!! I'm a thousandaire!!

"Your blog,, is worth $1,693.62"

iTripped said...

What gives? did you register with technocrati or something?

gwilli said...

no idea. I guess they just recognize how useful mine is to society.

iTripped said...

I secretly suspected that. Now it is confirmed.