Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Caffeine withdrawl (again)

I really like coffee. A lot. If I had my way, I'd probably drink several cups of it every morning, and enjoy every one of them. Problem is, I get hooked on caffeine easily and this gets very bad if I ever skip a day.

Last weekend is a classic example of this.

Saturday morning we get up early to explore various garage sales in the area. I didn't have coffee, and was extraordinarily grumpy for the most part. By supper time that evening I had a headache that Advil couldn't fix. That's usually enough of a warning sign for me, so once again I have to give up the good stuff and switch back to decaf.

It's been four days now, and I have not had regular coffee or caffinated soda since. (They were my two main sources of caffeine.) I still have about a cup of decaf coffee in the morning when I arrive at work, mostly because a cup of coffee in the morning is part of my routine. The worst of the headaches seems to be over, but I do miss the 'liquid-sleep' effect I got from a good cup of joe. I may have to start going to bed earlier to compensate.

Oh yeah, and if anyone likes the image in this post, I highly reccomend checking out Liquid Sculpture. It's a great site where they take high speed photos of liquid drops (if that wasn't obvious already.) And thanks Martin Waugh, for granting me permission to display one of your photos. (FYI, he took the picture and owns copywrite, etc.)

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iTripped said...

Woke up this morning with hints of a headache, so I started hydrating myself.

All week it has felt like the headache was imminent, and if careless, it has become reality. Sleep and water seem to both help at putting it off though, so that will be the continued course of action for now. It does seem to be lessening though, which is good.

Hasty internet research suggests I should expect this to persist for a week or two.