Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hockey game

Wounded linesman
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Last night was pretty good. I managed to get some free hockey tickets for the local game, and a nice, home cooked meal as well.

We missed the first few minutes of the game, but that was acceptable to me, since the food was good. By the time we arrived, the home team had already scored once. Bonus!

After kicking people out of our seats, (yes really) we settled in to watching the game. The two teams were equally matched, so it was pretty exciting. However, the Vipers started to get sloppy late in the game and they let the Capitals score a couple goals to tie things up.

Stinky Players
They smelled so bad we imagined
cartoon 'stink lines' on 'em.

So into overtime we go. This is when the really interesting things started to happen. The fights got longer, players collided with linesmen, started making tired mistakes and REALLY STARTED TO SMELL BAD. I can't stress this last point enough. Look at the photos, you will see that we were sitting roughly 5 rows back from the benches, and by the third period, we were joking about drawing cartoon 'stink lines' on the players.

After the first scoreless overtime period, we went into a second O/T period, this time 3 on 3. It was a different twist on things, with a much more open ice to play on, but the net result (no pun intended) was still the same: scoreless.

But that's okay. A tie is not a loss. It's just a really long game that you don't win.

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