Monday, September 19, 2005

Talk like a pirate day - Sept 19

Listen up ye scurvey dogs, it's Talk like a pirate day, so don't be forgettin the formal regalia and salty speech. There are parrots aplenty, and enough booty to go 'round, so be hoisting yer cups and drinking the rum. Today's a day to be speakin' the pirate slang.

Yarr. Just so's you be knowin', it's the drinking of the rum that's me favorite part.


iTripped said...

Yarr! My apologies to Sean Bonner, that dread capt'n. I did take the landlubber approach with the linking of the banner. 'twas done in the spirit of the day, ya know.

scrpiron said...

Arrg, where's a plank when you need one for those scurvy dogs that play hockey. By the looks of the stink lines, they're from my last crew!