Saturday, April 30, 2005

Kershaw Chive

Kershaw Chive
Originally uploaded by iTripped.
If I was to carry a pocket knife, this would be the one I wanted most. It comes in a variety of finishes, including multi-coloured titanium, etc. but there is something to be said for the simple elegance of the polished steel. They are pretty pricey up here in Canada, but in the US, even Wal-Mart carries the chive for a decent price (but not the cheapest).

What I like about it is the small size and quality of construction. I used to carry a small knife with me, until I lost it on a trip home from Vancouver. Anyway, I'm hoping that one day a generous relative (or spouse) happens to get me one as a gift.


scrpiron said...

Hey, I was kind of surprised, (pleasantly), to read you were looking for a pocket knife. People in both of my ministries have gotten used to my carrying a swiss army folder on my belt. Even under a suit.
The Chive looks nice, but don't overlook companies like Gerber or Cold Steel. Also, if you look to the swiss, Wenger is better than Victorianox.


iTripped said...

yeah, I agree about Wenger - they are better. I have also looked at Gerber, who make nice knives, but have settled on the Chive because of the small size - it can go on my keyring which means I won't forget it.

scrpiron said...

If you ever get homesick for good old NS, and are looking at belt knives, remember the Grohman-Russell. I've used one since 1987, and they quite simply can't be beat.
Also, I recently bought a Gerber Solstice, it's scissors and many tools that clip to your keyring. While neat, handy and cool, it's a pain to put back together.