Thursday, April 07, 2005

It's 4:44 AM

and I cannot sleep. Well, I could, but I was keeping Holly up with my snoring, so I got up for a while. I figured that since I am up, I might as well do a little searching online to see what can be done about my snoring. So I emailed my doctor. Well, not really MY doctor, but the specialist that treated me before. I'm not sure I'll hear back, but who knows, they may have developed some new treatments in the past few years. As always, time will tell.

For those of you interested, this post is NOT being composed on the Camino browser. I'll stick with Safari for now, since it works.

Here's a question I'm going to throw out there - it came up in a discussion I had with a friend. Is it possible for a man to be a feminist, or is a feminist by definition a woman? If so, what would one call a man who believed in gender equality, and how is that different from a 'feminist?' My opinion is that anyone can believe in gender equality, but only women can be feminists.

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