Saturday, April 02, 2005

Lounging Louise

Lounging Louise
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Everybody loves her. And why shouldn't they? Louise probably had a hard life early on, so she deserves a little spoiling now and again.

We first met Louise at the Vernon SPCA. At that time they were calling her 'Pugsley' for lack of a better name. She was rescued from her previous owner, and we happened to arrive at the SPCA at just the right time. We had to wait for the SPCA to get legal ownership of her before they could adopt her out to us, but that was okay because we were moving into our new (current) place, and this would give us a little time to set things up.

While Louise (as we chose to call her) was rescued from a bad situation, I personally suspect that she suffered more from neglect than from abuse. Louise shows no fear around people, be they children, men or women. She is definately a people-loving dog. She is also well behaved, although we still took her to obedience classes to gain some control over her willful spirit. It worked, sort of.

We named her after Louise Jefferson, because George Jefferson often called his wife Louise, "Wheezie". If you have ever heard a pug breathe, you will understand how this is the perfect name for her.

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