Thursday, April 07, 2005

To PSP or not to PSP

If you had asked me yesterday if I was going to buy Sony's PSP, the answer would have been no. I am impressed by the device, but will probably buy a PDA instead as you can simply get more done.

Then today I stumbled across the following 2 links:

BBC News

The second link shows a functional IRC client on the PSP. The first one mentions hacking a web browser from the Wipeout Pure game to work on other addresses. These 2 things by themselves are very cool. The PSP appears to have captured the imagination of a lot of people, kind of like how the ipod did. It's not surprising, since it has a big, shiney screen and plays pretty 3D games. If Sony allows this cottage industry to grow, the PSP could become a cultural hit like the ipod. But if Sony operates like they usually do in this regard, the device will be crippled before long, to disallow the hacks. People will tire of this, and move on to the next shiny thing.

The biggest problem so far is text input. If Sony manages to design a keyboard for the PSP, we will have an ultraportable laptop replacement.

But back to the games. The real reason to hold off on getting a PSP right now is the lack of a good, bloody first person shooter. End of story. Halo sold the X-Box. Release a quality FPS, and if I haven't already bought a PDA, Sony will get me as a customer.


Paul Shales said...

Check out PSP Hacks they have great step by step illustrated tutorials and all the latest hacks.

iTripped said...

That site is a great repository on the topic. Thanks for the tip, Paul