Friday, May 06, 2005

Company BBQ

Yay, we finally released the latest version of our software. So to celebrate, we had a barbecue at Guy's house.

We had a game of bacci ball while we were waiting for the food to be prepared - as usual, I gave a stellar performance. (yeah yeah, we did lose, but I blame my teammate.) Dinner was eventually served, and the food was great. Or were we just really hungry?

While we were sitting around the campfire, a mule deer crossed the creek and wandered across the back yard. Guy mentioned that bears also appear quite regularly as well. Luckily, we weren't frying up any bacon at the time, so they didn't bother to show up. Man, I feel like a high school reporter, typing this. I really need to find something more imaginative to say.

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Susan Taylor Brown said...

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you. Last month you were on of the first two people (okay, only 2 people so far) in my blog on my very first entry. I had started it but not finished it enough to put it public yet, or so I thought. Was my face red to see that I had indeed made my rough draft public, you had responded, and I had gone silent. So a belated thank you for the comment.

I'm not cynical, but I think I can make it work anyway.

Write on, right now. Susan